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Co-Occurring Treatment Center Langhorne, PA

The term co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis, describe an individual who simultaneously suffers from mental health illness and substance abuse problems. Mental health disorders and addictions generally go hand-in-hand. Alcohol and drug abuse commonly co-occur with anxiety, schizophrenia and depression. In the past, substance abuse and mental illness were treated as 2 separate entities in 2 separate facilities and almost always led to a relapse. Through years of research, field professionals now know and understand mental health issues and substance abuse must be treated at the same time in order for the patient to successfully attain sobriety. Silver Linings Recovery Center’s co-occurring treatment center in Bucks County, PA offers a full range of treatment services.

Co-Occuring Treatment Services

Psychiatric Evaluation: The most important part of our co-occurring treatment is to properly and accurately diagnose the patients. Our professional assessors will go through a full and detailed evaluation, which will identify current mental health symptoms and any other issues that may be an obstacle on the clients’ path to recovery. We must ensure all mental health disorders are diagnosed in order to create the most successfully treatment plan.

Medication Management: Managing patients’ medication is a very important and delicate aspect of co-occurring treatment services. While we cannot take a mental health patient off of their medicine, we don’t want the medicine to be abused at the same time. Our recovery center will teach patients’ how to manage their doses and effectively use doctor prescribed medicine.

Trauma Informed Care: In many cases we find that a combination of life-altering experiences contributes to a person turning to drugs and/or alcohol to cope. Sexual or physical abuse, wartime and near-death experiences can all lead to the urge to use drugs. When you pair trauma with mental health issues a significant substance abuse problem can develop fast. At Silver Linings Recovery Center we focus on identifying the source of trauma and using therapy and other tools to help patients overcome and heal from their past traumatic experiences. Only when this is done can clients focus on and sustain long-term recovery.

Silver Linings Recovery Center’s co-occurring treatment program includes highly qualified clinical and psychiatric medical treatment staff members. Each of them is trained and competent in providing counseling for clients who are addressing co-occurring disorders. Call 844-546-4644 to start the admissions process today.

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